New Schwinn 438 Elliptical Trainer! Highly Recommend!



My overall opinion of this is just as the title states.

But our journey with this was quite a process. Even still it was so
worth it!

Most people, I'm sure, will not have to go through what we did. But I
just want to tell you my story just in case one of you out there has
any problems to let you know they can be fixed and that you will still
love the machine!

The shipment came fast but the box was wet when it came. (So I was
concerned about metal and electronics being wet.)

Assembly was not bad, but lay out all of your parts and check your
parts list to make sure you have everything before you begin. We were
missing a few things. Which my husband just purchased at our local
hardware store. (we could have called the company and they would have
shipped them for free)

My husband assembled the machine only to find out that the counsel did
not work. I still started to use it though the counsel was not
functioning at all. It was nice to know that it worked apart from its'
electronic element. Upon use, the wheels on the glide started to
create rust on the track and a bit of friction.

We phoned the number listed in the owners manual and they sent out
parts to fix the issues. They also sent a necessary tool to help.

Shipment arrived fast and my husband followed their instructions and
the tool broke. He phoned them again and they sent another tool.

Upon receiving the tool he tried again only to have the tool break
again and to find another issue.

He phoned the company again and this time they scheduled a technician
to come out at their expense. The technician stated that part of the
machine was faulty (that's why the tool kept breaking) and he did not
want to reassemble the machine. (which I was thankful for!) The
technician then left and inquired as to what to do from his manager.
The company stated that the failed part would not hinder use and so
contacted us to set up an appointment for reassembly. At this point my
husband was a bit unsettled and inquired about future issues with the
machine as a result of the failed part.

With that inquiry, via the technicians manager, we were sent a form to
fill out to request a brand new machine. Confused as to what to do
with this form as it was quite extensive my husband again phoned the
company and dealt straight with them instead of dealing with
contracted service people. With that the process started for us to
receive a new machine. This was the easiest part of all. Within a
short period of time we were told the machine would be shipped out and
the only delay was that the truck had to wait until it was fully
loaded to travel to our part of the United States and who could blame
them for that as the cost of gasoline/diesel is outrageous!

New Ellipctical Launch Schwinn 438 Elliptical Trainer
Most of customer recommend on this machine. Some comment below;

After all of that our new machine arrived.

We were not billed for any of the above. We have a new elliptical(the
other one was new, too) and parts ta boot if anything happens to it
beyond the warrenty!

The machine is fabulous to use. It glides so incredibly smooth. It is
very quiet. All of the functions on the LCD screen are awesome to
have. For exercise, it is so relaxing because the glide is so smooth.
This machine has the Eddy current braking system, which is what you
want in an elliptical for resistance. This system uses the pull of a
magnet to create resistence which allows for the smooth glide. The
magnet never touches the glide wheel.

Shipping for the first and second machines were free. Amazon has that
once in a while which is great! If you really want to buy one of these
don't wait till the end of December or the beginning of the new year
as prices go up then because most people have new year's resolutions
to get in shape. I bought this machine at the beginning of December
2007. I saw the price go up quite a bit after that.

I hope what we went through will not deter you from purchasing this
machine. I went through consumer reports when considering an
elliptical and they suggested the Schwinn 418 at the time. I chose
this one because other reviews stated that the screen was better and
the machine was more quiet. I am glad I chose this one over the 418

Also, thanks to all of the other people who reviewed this machine as
it was important in making my decision.