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    I competed many years ago, actually over 25yr ago.

    I still enjoy attending world class track events, and I'am always amazed at the speeds the riders can go now.

    I totally realise that the athletes today are bigger, faster , stronger. And I understand how they got to that level.

    But when ever I say to people "did you see how fast they go?"

    There reply is always, "Well, just take a look at the equipment and the technology".

    So, my question is outside of superior training & nutrition & guidance.

    How much of an advantage are the track bikes today?

    Does it come from the wheels, or tires. ? Frames? Carbon vs Steel?

    I would really enjoy to hear the feed back from you guy's and the riders that might know the difference.

    And how much is the difference? Say for 200m, 500m, 1k, 4000m?

    Open discussion please.....................................6002

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    While technology has improved and riders are stronger and better fed and better trained, compare the 1924 200m sprint time of 12.8 sec with the 2004 Athens time of 10.177 sec. Some people might say that 2.6 sec is a huge difference but it is shocking to me that 80 years ago someone (who probably didn't train with weights and who may have smoked) riding a steel, low tech clunker could do so well.

    Also, note that in the 1930s the hour record was 28mph! Again, some might say big deal but think how little was known then about cycling physiology, periodic training, nutrition, aerodynamics, material science etc.