New tires: gravel grinder 38c vs wtb riddler 37

Łukasz Tkacz

New Member
Jan 16, 2019
Hey, I use Gravelkings SK 35c on my bike, but looking for some new, also a bit wider for more comfort.
My frame (Planet X XLS, CX bike) allows to use tires in about max. 38-39c (tried Gravelking SK 700x38 / 40-622) and it was max.
My rims are DT460 with 18 mm internal.

What will be better - Gravel Grinder 38c or WTB Riddler 37?
I ride on dry conditions, most on gravels, forests paths, mixed with pavement. Tires should be fast.
Grinders looks better, but are a bit more expensive in TL version (it isn't very important for me - I went back to tubes and MAYBE will try tubeless again, but I'm not sure).
Riddlers are always TL-compatible.
Gravel Grinders are good all-around tires. They're smooth rolling, but still work well when you need some tread. I use them primarily for dirt/gravel road events, including one this past weekend that was extremely muddy, and have no complaints with their performance.

I haven't used the Riddlers, but judging by their heavier tread I'd say that they would probably last longer, but still roll smoothly.

I prefer tubeless, but the Gravel Grinders I have use tubes. I run sealant in everything, so whether I have tubes or not doesn't make much difference. There's not much weight difference between them, either.

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