New Tires



Hi guys<br /><br />I'm about due for a new set of tires, what does everyone here use and recormend ?<br /><br />I need something that will be ok for both training and racing, road quality is quite good around here, I use 23mm conti gp's atm.<br /><br />thanks in advance
Iv just got recently a Michelin Pro Race on my rear wheel. I like it its good. its all black/grey. looks fast and is very good ;D. what grade do you race in btw?
[quote author=Gear Grinder link=board=20;threadid=2464;start=0#21131 date=1032754425]<br />Iv just got recently a Michelin Pro Race on my rear wheel. I like it its good. its all black/grey. looks fast and is very good ;D. what grade do you race in btw? <br />[/quote]<br /><br />As long as they look fast hey!<br /><br />I havent raced for yonks, would be about 2 years, if its not two years it wont be far off. I will however be making my grand comback this weekend ;D we'll see how long I last in b grade hehe prolly still get spat out the back in the first few K<br /><br />cheers!
I use the Conti Ultra 2000 tyres. Quite nice, very good in the wet, good milage and roadholding. I used Grand Prix 3000 for racing tyres on my Bianchi, but the milage on it was s**t, but the roadholding was GREAT!
I'm curently using Hutckinson Excels. they have a bit of kevlar in them too. Much better than the conti ultra's I was using. Price wise they arnt bad either. their're on the cheaper end of the scale.
I'm using the Hutchinson Gold tyres (About $25 or R270ZA). I don&#8217;t care if it's fast or not. Seeing that I'm an everyday cyclist, I don&#8217;t want to spend time on repairing punctures. And I can promise you this. I bought the current set in Feb this year, for the Argus, and only had ONE puncture since. It was a piece if wire that went through the side of the casing. The only negative is that it has two thin yellow lines running alongside and sometime your eye let you believe that the rim got a "wobble". In fact, it is when dirt sticks on the line and broke the pattern.
been using michelin axial pro tires for quite some time. great tires...good grip, fairly light at 230g for the 700x23. i rode one set about 3000 miles with no flats. i have friends that have problems with the michelin pro race model flatting frequently.
I'm using Michelin Comp Sports. It's done about 2000km without any problems. For R130 ea, I think I will get them again.
i use and recommend Michelin Axial Carbon. They seem to roll very well and as a race tire they r a tad (only just) on the heavy side but i use them for everything and they r fine. Great around corners but i am not too sure about the wet. Apart from the fact it hasnt rained here for, i dont know how long, i dont ride in the wet :)
Michelin pro race tires. First time user here. Been using conti 3000 grand prix's ultra 2000. First impression with race pro's was they handled much better and seemed quicker. After 500 miles, I am still enthusiastic on them. Now the big test is longevity. Pricey for sure but how long they last mileage wise will be the deciding factor.
I only ride on Conti GP3000s. Sure they don't last too long, (I use a minimum of two sets a year) but I've yet to find a tyre that gives the same feedback from the road.<br /><br />I've used Ultra1000 and Ultra 2000s and they both feel like they're underinflated.<br /><br />Apparently the Michelin Baby Blue's are pretty good. (Rocket Hunter apparently uses them.)