New to cycling. Training tips and schedules for beginner?


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Feb 14, 2013
Hi all,

I'm new to road cycling. Just bought a 1,800 US$ Ghost Lector road bike (Ultegra compact), enjoying every second on it. But my riding is purely for fun. I mainly cruise, riding harder when I feel like it, or when an old guy is passing me.

Right now most of my rides average 1h30 min at 130 BPM. My max HR is 192 BPM (higher when running: 196 BPM). And an incremental test showed a 345 Watts of aerobic power.

Right now due to weather conditions, I cannot ride more than 3 hrs/week, but I'd like to spend 6 hrs/week or more on the bike.

I would like to know what kind of training schedule I should follow for enhancing cycling speed. I know that a lot of time has to be spent on cruising, but I have no idea about the BPM ranges, the time spent in particular ranges, etc.

Can anyone give me some advice or things to read?

It is never a good idea to chase old guys. :)

Since you ride harder when you feel like it, feel like it more often. Riding at higher heart rates will do you good. RIde hard enough for long enough to get your heart rate up above the 130 and keep it there. Take it easy for a while and repeat.

No need to do it every day. Soon you will be in the position to keep it above 140.
Try doing a couple of shorter, more intense rides each week. Get your HR up and keep it up as much as poss and you will get quicker