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    Hi there

    I am a very new cyclist. I have recently joined a road cycling group that goes out every morning and I am looking forward to riding with them. Until now I have just done casual riding for fun with a hybrid bike. I absolutely love it, but want to get more involved in the sport now.

    I am looking to purchase my first road bike and would love some advice. Specifically in relation to what brand of bike I should be going for, where I could purchase it (either new or second hand), what features I should be looking for etc.

    Please be nice, I am still familiarising myself with allot of the terms so speak to me as though I know absolutely nothing about bikes (which is the truth I guess!).

    At the moment I have been to my local bike shop and the guy suggested a Trek 2.1 10 spd 2010 model. Which was retailing for about $2000. I dont think I woud spend more than that at this stage given I am only starting out in the sport.

    Your help would be appreciated!