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I have just started to become intrested in cycling. I bought a Giant OCR 3 because I am a college student and have NO money (that was a stretch). I am graduating soon and want to know what would be the next step for me. I would like upgrade to Shimano 105. Or should I wait to just get a new everything. I am not serious yet and still have 6 months till paychecks start to come. I want to use this bike for personal fitness and training and everntually race it I have what it takes.(PS your site has been very helpful)
thats a decent bike though my first bike was/is with shimano 105 i thought id go mid range.

i would get a new bike as you would want to upgrade a lot when you start to get better.


Simano 105 groupset
Seat ?

so you might as well get a new bike instead of upgrading just the group. ps that bike looks good for the price though  ;).
Any way it will take awhile untill you start to build up your muscles. so atm you probably would not mind as your legs are the limit not your bike  ;D. iv been biking for a year and am only now starting to get good (in my opinion)

good luck ;D ;D
thanks I know what you mean I have some skinny legs (6'3" 175 lbs.)and I am looking to build a lot of muscle. Yeah the bike does look nice thats why I got it instead of the TREK 1000
Nice bike eh. IMO, you should have gotten a 105 equipped bike in the first place. This would have given you years (most probably) of hassle free service. Since you already bought the bike, maybe you should just save up first for a really good one. Like what Nicholas said, it's your legs that matter tha most for now. Stay on your Tiagra/Sora equipped bike, and whoop @$$ on it in the meantime. When you get stronger (that will take some time), then you can get a really good bike...say a Litespeed or a Pinarello equipped with Ultegra or D/A. By that time, I'm sure you'll have enough money for a bike like that...assuming you don't blow it all off on lap dances! ;D
Giant OCR3 is a good buy for your money. The Sora gruppo is ideal for starting off with, as replacement parts are affordable.
Imo, don't upgrade the bike itself. It's a good bike and will last you if you take care of the components. Service the bike regulary.
Once you have saved up for a higher end bike, you will have enough experience and knowledge to choose and buy what you want (like Campy components ;D ).
Hey what happened to my post from yesterday ?

Okay I'll do it again.

Slobbie what I want to know is how are you getting on with your OCR 3,because I have finally decided that I need a road bike. I went around a few shops and the Giant is the one that caught my eye.

If anybody can recommend something else please feel free , but it has to be cheap because I don't have much cash :'(

Steve was there a problem, because I did post on this thread yesterday but it seems to have disappeared :eek:

Vo2 where have you been ? and have you been quietly perverting my thoughts, because I have this strong urge to jump on a road bike and ride off into the sunset.
You may have posted your post within the hour that it took us to move the site from one server to another :)
Howsit Lazarus. Glad to hear that you have finally seen the light. You won't be dissapointed with the OCR3. My wife has one and I have used it a few times. Believe it or not, it's lighter than my Bianchi, which is almost 3 times the OCR3's price tag.
The only thing I don't like about the bike is the stem/handlebar configuration. It almost seems too hi, but maybe its because I'm used to my bike and the different feel of the Campy shifter hoods, which I've set lower down than the Giant's. If it's your first road bike, you won't know the difference.
Also, I would suggest you remove the third chain ring once you get home, and convert the bike into a double. It's frustaring, imo, tuning the shifters with a triple.
My Giant is working out great. I have been a little sick lately and havn't been able to ride it. But I have not had any problems. I am going to save up and after graduation and I buy a car I am looking at getting a Trek 2300 that is about the best I will be able to get (unless I hit the lotto). I looked at the Giant OCR3 and the Trek 1000. I went with the Giant when I found out that Giant makes the Trek 1000 frames. I figure the same components and the Giant looks A LOT better. Can't beat yellow black and silver.

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