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    I've just signed up here, so firstly, hi everyone, must say it was refreshing to find a forum with a section for us larger guys wanting to lose weight. I was 259lbs when I started and I'm down to 240lbs now and its dropping off now :)

    I bought myself a reasonably specced hybrid bike and started cycling. At first 4 miles seemed to kill me but now i'm comfortably riding 25 miles per session which I'm gradually ramping up.

    The reason I joined is to see if I could get some advice regarding places I can go to get assistance with bike setup to avoid developing injuries. Specifically my knees are starting to develop clicks and the odd discomfort which I can only attribute to the cycling. I've found a few places who seem to cater for the real high end competition cyclists and I'm reluctant to approach them as I don't think they're right for a casual cyclist like me and on the other hand there are local bike shops and the chains who just don't seem to have the knowledge to address an issue such as this so I'm a bit stuck.

    I'd imagine that this is not specifically an issue for the larger rider but I do wonder if its made worse.


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    First, welcome, and congrats on the weight loss. Your are right to try to be proactive about setup and injury prevention.

    A good LBS (local bike shop) should be able to help you with a fitting, regardless of your riding style. It may take some trial and error, (walk into the shop, chat with the staff, and if you aren't getting a good vibe, move on to the next one).

    Another place to start would be looking at your favorite manufacturer's website; Specialized and others will list which shops have been certified by them to do fittings, etc.