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Feb 8, 2003
Just figured I would introduce myself. I was an avid roadie while stationed in Southern Germany, fell out of it after I returned to the US, while workin as a Commercial Diver in the Oilfield, Been Mtn Biking for bout 4 years now, and recently picked up a new road bike. Going back to school, so hopefully I will have some saddle time. Unfortunately in New Orleans, there aren't many hills. Looking forward to meeting some folks and learning...

Thanks in Advance....

Welcome Bruce

Just curious, care to share what you are studying and at which school? There are a number of students, at all levels of college education, that use the forum.
Hi Bruce. Welcome to the Forum. It's hard to believe that there are actually places without hills! It must make the MTBing pretty boring? MTBing without hills must be sort of like diving without water?:D Good luck with finding a road club close to you.
Thanks Fellas.

Easy, I attended school for Maritime Engineering and Commercial Diving back in 1995, worked as both a Commercial Diver and Senior Subsea Engineer from that point until late last year. I've been afforded the oppurtunity to study Emergency Medicine (Paramedic) at a local city college here, nothing glamorous. But it's something that I've always been interested in. Pay isnt great, Hours suck, lol......who could ask for more...

Yeah, NOLA is flat.....I think its worse than flat, like 22ft below sea level... I do travel to Central Texas quite a bit and will get to ride while there...

Take Care,

Welcome Bruce.

Sounds quite fascinating...Just think..Any cycling injuries and you will be able to write yourself a prescription..

Wish I could have been there...Where I stay it is just hills, hills and the way...did I mention we have hills..:eek: