New to Recumbents



Hi All,

I have just bought a second hand 'HotMover' recumbent trike and would like
to hear from anyone who has anything, + or -, to say about them.

Kind regards,
Hi Edward,

Thanks for your msg :-

> Better yet, why don't you tell us what you think of it. It seems to have a
> very high crank. Any foot numbness from that?

I have not put in many miles, i have found it very comfortable, compared
with other trikes i have looked at (on the net) the seat is very low but no
numbness yet :)

> As the HotMover is a recumbent trike from New Zealand, I don't think you
> will find many who know much about it on this newsgroup. The aus.bicycle
> newsgroup might be a better place to look for some with experience of it.

HotMover was an Australian company, the trike was made in NZ at a factory in
Timaru and exported worldwide (unfortunately not any more).

Thanks for your input and suggestion.