New to Road Biking. I am buying a bike with the intention of using it in a sprint triathlon

Jason Miani

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Sep 12, 2011
On craigslist they have this bike, 2008 Specialized Allez Double for 350 or a 2007 Trek 1.1 for 400( i talked the guy down to 400). Or should i get another bike entirely. My price ranged is from 200 - 500 and im 5'8" so i should probably ride a 54 if that is correct. Any advice would be amazing. Also, where should i get the gear for the tri?
54 cm for 5'8" sounds about right.

The rusty chain and missing cover on the rear STI lever on the Allez are indicators of serious neglect. Figure on spending about $200-220 to get this thing to where you could train on it reliably. That would include new chain, rear STI lever, cable and housing, and a tune-up. My top price would be $200.

$350 might be a fair price for the Trek, because it looks like it's been enthusiastically ridden and cared for, but it's a 4-5 year old entry level bike that retailed for less than $900 when new. It's still overpriced at $400.

By the way, for a given frame size the Allez will fit a bit larger than Trek.
OK cool ill see if i can get them to lower the price given this information. But i am on the right path? Like i said. Im new at this and i want a bike i can use at a triathlon. Do u have any other suggestions of bikes?
im selling a 55cm specialized w/ultegra 9 speed parts
$385 complete, everyhting works

someone else emailed this to me.
Don't be surprised if you get the cold shoulder, especially from the seller of the Allez. Be patient and remind yourself that if they do find buyers, it's their headaches, not yours.

Keep looking, generally for well maintained bikes 2006 or newer. Older than that and getting replacement parts becomes difficult. For $400 you should be able to find a nice aluminum framed road bike with 10-speed Shimano 105 (5600). All of the major brands, and a lot of smaller ones, have been making terrific moderately priced bikes for the last decade.
Alright then, i shall keep looking. Back to craigslist i go. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/cool.gif

thanks for the help.
My son just sold his 2006 Allez double for $700. It was in excellent condition since he raced it and worked as a bike mechanic during the summers and on weekends at school. He won numerous Sprints and Crits on it so you can win. $300 might be a fair price for the condition but expect to put some money into it to bring it back to race ready condition. You might be better off getting one in bertter condition for a few dollars more.
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Did a little window shopping in your neighborhood. The asking prices are outrageous and the selection of road bikes that can be ridden away is pretty poor. That doesn't mean that these bikes are actually getting sold for these prices, but . . .

In comparison that Trek 1.2 doesn't look to bad at $400. If it's still around see if he'll take $375.
Originally Posted by oldbobcat .

In comparison that Trek 1.2 doesn't look to bad at $400. If it's still around see if he'll take $375.
I meant to say the $400 you originally offered.
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And now you see the challenge that i face.
The right bike will turn up. Are you sure the Trek is the right size?