New to road biking - pedal question


Apr 27, 2011
Are there pedals available that allow you to clip in on long or group rides, but can still be ridden comfortably as flat pedals with street shoes for commuting or quick pleasure rides?

Which would be the easiest to clip in/out of?

Budget is a consideration so I'm looking for good quality but at a good value (not cheap, just bang for the buck).

The old Shimano SPD pedal cleat system allow you to have shoes with recessed cleats for easy walking. They also have double sided pedals, a platform on one side and clip on the other. They are cheap, reliable and the best bang for the buck I think. Wellgo makes pedals and cleats that are compatible and good quality. This is what I use on my everyday road bike.
The pedal which is easiest to get in an out of will be the pedal you use the most. ALL clipless systems take some adjustment and practice on the part of the novice clipless user.

If you are riding on the road, just get normal road pedals like Shimano SPD-SL or Look Keos. If all you intend to do in sneakers is ride to the cafe or shops, then you can easily do that with these (I do for rides up to 15 minutes).

If you are mainly mountain biking or just commuting then MTB pedals are more the go. Most MTB pedals are double-sided for use with cleated shoes. This does NOT necessarily make them useless for a quick spin to the corner shop in your sneakers. Single-sided MTB binding pedals are available (like the Shimano PD-A530), and they do make use with sneakers easier, but the ease of use of these with cleated shoes is compromised by the fact they are not double-sided. I have never really understood the need for this type of pedal since (1) they are more difficult to use with MTB shoes than double-sided entry types, and (2) you can walk around in MTB shoes anyway, so you don't really need the sneakers.