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Jan 28, 2003

Just joined the board. I am a recreational cyclist but get serious from time to time. I ride a Waterford Bike with Altegra components and Mavic Reflex rims. My bike is about 5 years old and the only real upgrade I have done is to add a King headset. I am trying to decide if I should buy a new bike or spend the money on a great wheel set. Any thoughts?

sonomasnap - If your frame and groupset are still in good working order rater buy a new wheel set and if you do decide later on to buy a new bike you can just transfer your wheels.
It's amazing what a new wheelset will do for your ride. My first road bike was a Trek 2200 that came with a set of Rolf wheels. I upgraded to a set of Ksyriums and it was like riding a completely different bike.
I don't disagree with the advice given above. I would consider though, that if you opt for a new ride you can sell the old one as a complete bike and recoup a decent amount of the initial investment. It is probably harder to recoup much from old wheels. As an example, I recently sold a Basso Gap bought in 1987 and got $600! Over half the original investment!

Just a thought.

I have a 7005 frame, which is light and stiff enough - but it is old

I have a pair of spinergy rev-x wheels that I use for training and the total weight of the bike comes in at 18.5 lbs.

I think I would probably have to agree with the above, do your bike up, and part exchange it at your LBS - offer them cash and they could even knock a good % discount.

Also It is mid Feb ( quiet time if your in canada/uk) so perhaps you may be able to steal a bargain ?;)

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