New tool for Garmin Forerunner users

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    Now using the new Garmin Forerunner 201 and you can send your friends and family a
    URL to view your latest running accomplishments.

    There is now a website to post and view your forerunner runs...

    Forerunner users you can share your runs on the web

    Send us your satellite or topo views of your runs using the Forerunner and USAphotmap or any
    other software. And/or send us your logbook data output in native XML (we will convent it to
    HTML) or HTML.

    To post your runs on the web..

    Go to use the Upload file tool. Just upload your data.

    Please add a description including your name in the description field of the upload tool

    Rename the output of USAphotomap from ScreenXX.jpg to your_name_herex.jpg (example: big_john22.jpg)
    to avoid depilate file names.

    When uploading XML output from the logbook, name the file your_name_herex.XML

    Allow a few days after the upload for links to be built from or the conversion of XML
    files to HTML, however, your satellite and topo images can be viewed directly after the upload at
    the URL displayed on the upload verification page sent to you.

    Enjoy the new tool (toy), send me your suggestions

    John [email protected]