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  1. zod

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    I was aware althought not many are that their is actually a group of
    people who pogo as a sport, but it never seemed that interesting. Until
    now!! Check out the newest Pogo Stick design

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  2. digigal1

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    I saw that guy a couple of days ago on OLN Gravity Files. I think he's
    that same guy that said he practiced a skateboard trick for 6 years
    before landing it even once. Crazy.

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  3. hecklar

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  4. johnfoss

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    zod wrote:
    > *I was aware althought not many are that their is actually a group of
    > people who pogo as a sport, but it never seemed that interesting.
    > Until now!! *

    "Now" sounds like it may start on Sept. 15, when the product ships. It
    looks like a cool pogo! It's nice to have pogo sticks that can handle
    adult weight. Kids' ones are just no fun. I have an Air Go that I got at
    Sharper Image for too much money (1/3 the price of this new one). When
    pumped up, you can get plenty of height with it. It's great exercise,
    but remember gravity is a factor at all times, and the higher you go the
    harder you'll land if you don't land it on the spring!

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  5. bugman

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    Keith, If you read this, make sure you put this on your Christmas
    shopping list for Rhonda.;)

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  6. peter.bier

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    If you are into trials or freestyle unicycling it is definately worth
    playing round with a more advanced pogo stick for a bit of fun. (you
    want one that will handle an adult's weight and abuse)

    Tony and I played round with a hydraulic pogo stick a couple of times
    and found we could pull off a bunch of uni inspired tricks

    -suicide mount
    -no handed pogo (ala no handed seat in front)
    -no handed pogo (ala stand up wheel walk)
    -jump mount
    -spin mount
    -flying jump mount
    -180" pogo spin
    -one footed pogo


    peter.bier - No time to ride :-(

    -Peter Bier

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  7. TonyMelton

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    I had a go on a friend's Air Go pogostick a while ago, which was pretty
    good fun. I jumped off the stage in a school hall (about 4 feet) and
    hopped up 4 stairs (hitting each stair individually). Jumping down
    stairs is also possible. I jumped a 5-set in one hop.

    I also did a few other tricks which you can see in a video clip in 'my
    gallery' ( Its the second

    Pogosticks are fun, but not as fun nor as versatile as a uni!

    TonyMelton -

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