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    Tropical Penguin Software keeps plugging away, developing more and more products to assist swimmers,
    coaches, and parents in reaching their goals.

    Top Sports Psychologist Dr. Alan Goldberg will be showing the newest set of releases at the Central
    States Clinic in Chicago next month. There are ten DVD's with Dr. Goldberg interacting with swimmers
    and parents, to help them develop and maintain the mental side of our sport. He leads swimmers
    through relaxation exercises and dozens of drills and strategies for dealing with stress, learning,
    focus, and more. He makes the whole competitive swimming experience much more enjoyable from the
    inside out.

    Our new site -- Http:// is just now getting noticed but we believe this has
    been needed for a long time. Coaches and teams will thrive in a medium of accountable improvement at
    levels that anecdotes alone could not inspire. We've tried to make this a contest and to make it fun
    as well as rewarding. It will be in full bloom by next year but you can check it out right now.

    We still have the best software for coaches in the world. Cool Coach
    3. includes Cool Digital Swim Meet and Crazy Relays to make things fun, and the program is aligned
    with the best science has to offer. It helps us keep on track and is highly motivating for
    everyone involved. It has over 100 functions, with more added by coaches and scientists like
    Tudor Bompa, Mike Yessis, etc. Check it out at Http://

    We now have thirteen C/D based movie collections: 600 land exercises, over 400 stretches, over 600
    stroke drills, and complete breakdowns of each movement of each stroke and how to make those
    movements. You can negotiate with us for team pricing and even get us to customize things for you as
    many of the thousands of coaches over the years have. We see ourselves as an organization that
    supports leaders.

    I hope everyone keeps supporting our efforts in competitive swimming. We have branced to many other
    areas, but my heart is still with swimming, swimmers, parents, and especially leader-coaches. If we
    can help in any way, please ask.

    Thanks group!

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