New Trek 5500 Frame - Ideal Components and Wheels?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by politico, Aug 3, 2004.

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    Aug 3, 2004
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    For the past several years I've been happily riding my Trek 5500 w/ Campy 8-speed setup and old Campy wheels, but in the past couple weeks I was having problems that ended up being a result of a cracked chainstay.

    Good news is that Trek is sending me a replacement '04 5500, and now I have the opportunity to build a bike for the next 5-8 years. As background I like doing centuries, double centuries, and I like climbing. I'll probably start doing some Cat 5 road races. On weekends I like to do at around 80 miles with 3-7k climbing. My big goal for the year is to break 1hr at the Mt. Diablo Hill Challenge.

    So, if you had $2,000 or less to spend on components and wheels for a new 5500, what would you do? I'm thinking of going with a Chorus setup except for Record hubs / Ti cassette, and Zonda or Eurus wheelset. (I already have the FSA carbon crankset and Campy seatpost from the old bike) I'll also look at that new-fangled FSA carbon handlebar with the wide tops. I'd like to hear what others suggest.

    I figure that the rotating weight difference is most important - so why pay extra for 20 grams in the levers or brakes when you could spend that same $$ to get lighter rims?

    Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.


    Paul Mitchell
    Sacramento, CA

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    Feb 13, 2004
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    I got a 5500 frameset early this year, and since I had a little time, I took about 2 months to buy most everything for it off E-Bay.

    It's almost all Campy Record, with a few things that are Chorus, but I spent way less than $2k. Many of the REcord/Chorus parts are the same except for a slight (and many times a REALLY slight) weight difference.

    You would be surprised, if you haven't done it before, at how many brand new parts you can get. Also, if it doesn't bother you, there are often great deals on unused but blemished parts.

    I got record brakes and record crankset, both unused, but with some damage to the finish. After 1000 miles, they look just like everybody else's.

    I waited around and got a set of almost unused Rolf Sestriere's which weigh in at a little less than 1500 grams for a couple hundred bucks. If you want to beat that weight, you have to drop a lot of dough.

    I did buy a few things new, like the Ergo shifters and the rear cog. Those are a couple of things worth dropping the cash on, but if you watch Excel, Colorado Cyclist, Nashbar, and Competetive Cyclist, then you can get some really good deals, many time they are better than the prices on E-Bay, so it pays to know the market.

    Of course, you have to like to build your own bike, or at least have a friend who does.

    The last thing I got was a set of carbon fiber Campagnolo stickers, and I peeled that Shimano thing off the chainstay and replaced it!

    Good luck,

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    Jul 29, 2003
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    WOW!! Its so cool you are putting Campy on a Trek. I love it. I have NEVR seen that at all. All the Trek guys around here are dyed in the wool take whatever Lance rides guys.

    For the Record (hehe) I have all Carbon Record on my Prince, and I LOVE IT. I have the 03, by choice, I dont care for the look of the carbon cages on the 04. I am building my wifes bike right now, and I was torn between the 04 Chorus, and the classic look of the previous all polished aluminum.

    So youre thinking, all hes saying is about looks...Well, I have a training bike with Centaur on it, the Prince with Record, and my riding buddy has all Chorus, and functionaly, man they are identical. The Centaur shifts every bit as clean and sweet as the Record. I know the stories about longevity and all, but we rack up the miles,a nd I have seen ZERO degridation in performance.