new trekking bike, not sure about how much to spend

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    hi there,

    so, I can spend up to 1500€ on a new trekking bike, which doesnt mean Im gonna spend it all... My problem is, I don know how much is enough.

    From Monday to Friday I go to work and college. Twice a week I make a stop on the market in the city center (I live in a suburb): usually I dont bike more than 9 kilometers on weekdays. On weekends its another story: the bike I now have is a female peugeot one (Im a male), the one any student would get, nothing fancy. Its impossible to make a decent tour with that (a tour means 20 kilometers on a saturday, mixing tarmac and non-asphlated surfaces with the occasional terrain drop on rainy and non rainy environments). Where I live tends to rain and snow a lot in winter, and given that I must cross country to go to college and workplace, I think disc brakes are worth the premium. Your povs are welcomed.

    I now know that my bike must meet the following requirements:

    - 55 cm height (thats a L for males)
    - gear size: 28''
    - frame made of aluminium (is double butted good enough?)
    - disc brakes (mechanic or hydraulic? if hydraulic, is mineral oil good enough? how often must I change the fluid if i get an hydraulic? how difficult and expensive it is?)
    - fork suspension: the urban-rural area where I live and the city center are quite bumpy and not to end with pain on my extremities id rather get a decent fork with lock on, also for the weekend tours: I have 2 models in mind: Suntour NCX D Remote Lockout and SR Suntour NEX HLD Hydraulic Lockout (the second is better than the first I believe, but how much better?)
    - rear derailleur and all related to it (chains and stuff are included here: am I overreaching if I get a Deore XT? Is it a good Idea to mix Deore XT with Deore SL or other not so high end derailleurs? Is it a good idea to mix Deore derailleurs with non Deore brakes?

    how many here recommend only Shimano? Am i being an idiot for wanting derailleurs only from that brand? Is paying the premium worth it?

    Note that this is for me a long term investment, say for the next 15 to 20 years, so a big spending now will be amortized during several years.

    If I get the shimano components, do you recommend to use only shimano oil to keep the bike in good shape? Is any other mineral oil good enough?

    I have been looking on ebay and craigslist and found nothing suitable for my area. Would you, have you bought second hand bikes on this 850 to 1100€ price range?