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  1. c.critch

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    ok, so ive posted something befroe about how i could "kangeroo wheel
    walk" and was wondering if it had been done before. I have invented
    something new(i think) but prolly not, tell me if its not new.....wheel
    walk with one foot, than have other on pedal, wheel walk till the foot
    on pedal is on top, than push down, than start wheel walking again.

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  2. James_Potter

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    Someone mentioned that in a thread about learning to glide. To get the
    feel of the tire running under your foot, you slide one foot along it
    and ride one footed.
    I've tried it with wheelwalking half the time, and I could kinda do it.
    Didn't spend much time on it, though.

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  3. jsm

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  4. It's called pedal gliding I think when your non pedalling foot is
    skimming the tyre. You may have invented... pedal walking?! Though I
    dare say that someone has done it before now.

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