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    ok I was wondering about unicycle tricks but not how to do them but what
    they are (i started just last wed) some tricks such as-
    unispin-crankgrab-gliding-wheel walking----just a simple description
    will do

    In advance Thank You

    --i can do a free mount and a mount where i spin 180 degrees and the
    funny part is i can't ride by myself for very long but i did do the
    mounts then ride like 5ft lol....that counts right??!?!?


    Screw wanting a car for my 16th birthday i wanted a unicycle
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    unigamer, im not to sure if he should focus on one or two tricks,
    depends on how he learns things, I personally try to learn as many
    tricks as possible at once and look what i can do now :p


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    ok maybe a bit of a juggler.
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  5. unigamer

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    Yeah I try loads of different things but I like to think about one or
    two tricks. Usually because I'm obsessed about learning them. Right now
    I'm dieing to learn how to wheel walk.

    I think people learn differently so if you feel like you want to try
    everything, go ahead, it might be what is best for you.

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    the basic unispin is 180 degrees: jump off pedals - rotate unicycle 180
    degrees - land on pedals

    there can be other amounts of unispin with the unicycle being rotated up
    720 degrees. Unispins can be done from the pedals into hopping on wheel,
    from hopping on wheel down to pedals and hopping on the wheel.

    crank grab: hop onto an object, landing with the crank on the object.
    this can then be followed by "going to rubber" where one pulls the
    unicycle up so that the tyre is on top of the object.

    Wheel walk: the feet push the wheel in front of the frame,

    Gliding: one of both feet are in contact with the wheel. the foot does
    not push the wheel, it allows the tyre to slide under it. The rider can
    vary the pressure applied on the tyre with the foot and use this to
    maintain forwards/backwards balance as well as moderate the speed. This
    can be done for long distances down hills but can also be done for long
    distances on flat land where the rider pedals at a fast speed and
    transfers into gliding with very little pressure on the tyre. Gliding
    has been done at over 40kmph.

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