newbie bike question - how to tell if bike chain is worn too much

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Hi there Just thought I would ask here to see if anyone had any advice. I bought a bike about 8
months ago from a local bike store. Last time I took it into be serviced I was told that the chain
was worn and that I needed a new one. I was told that it was at .9 wear (whatever that is) and I
should replace it within a month for $50 (for a better quality german chain) .

Me being cheap went to another bike store that had a 20% sale of bike stuff. There I was told that
it wasnt that worn and that I shouldnt replace just the chain and I shouldnt even take the chain off
at all. He went on to say that they were just using a chart or somthing that said that its time to
get a new chain even if it dosnt need one. He said clean my chain with a car wash degreaser spray
and leave it where it was on the bike He then pulled my bike chain a little to see how loose it was,
which didnt move that much.

Who to believe?? Bike store number 1 who gave me a quote off $320 to fix my mountain bike that I
wore pretty much everything out off and then 2 months later told me $700 Or bike store number 2 that
is a competitor Thanks Stephen
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