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Aug 25, 2012
Hello my names Brett and me and my wife have been riding bikes around town for fun for a little while and really enjoy riding. The thing is we are riding on walmart bikes which serve us well but mine is way to small for me (i'm 6' 3") and just isnt efficient. Mines an 80$ MTB with the read spring deal that bounces around while pedaling lol.

Regardless we both enjoy riding enough we went ahead and made the investment and ordered some legit bike shop bikes from a local bike shop. We got brand new 2013 Crosstrail and Ariel from Specialized, about 1100-1200$ invested and the bike shop gives us lifetime adjustments of brake and drivetrain for free. As well as a free "30 hour tune up" which he said new bikes generally stretch cables and just need a nice service after they get rode for a while. They also throw in free bottle cages and kick stands on them for us at no charge. They seem really knowledge and really nice people i am glad i bought from the bike shop.

We are currently waiting on them to get in and go in and get fitted on them, we are really stoked about it, i cant wait to have REAL bike. I will be using mine for fun riding as well as riding to college 3 days a week which is a mile or two from my house, so that will keep my on my bike, my wife also currently rides to work when she can which is about a mile or so.

Supposed to be in next week so we are waiting patiently. Just stopped in to introduce myself and hope to ask lots of questions!
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Love my Ariel and two friends have also bought the same bike! Very comfortable, we have done a few 50 mile charity rides and i have never been sore anywhere, my old bike gave me really sore shoulders, this one is perfect! Enjoy:)