Newbie Cycling Advice?


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Jul 15, 2014
Hi, I've just started cycling about a week ago for 30 minutes each day. Because I have horrible stamina, I have to split the 30 minutes into two sessions, 15 minutes in the morning and 15 at night. So, I wanted to start losing more weight so I tried to go 20 minutes full burst all the way, but my legs got sooo sore and I was just so exhausted! Any advice for increasing my stamina or how to not get tired so easily? Thanks!! ((I cycle using a bike machine))
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Oct 6, 2003
It is easier to increase stamina on the road. A stationary bike is ok if it is all you have. Keep splitting your training up into intervals with short intensity sessions and longer endurance rides but be patient since it doesn't come overnight and if possible get out on the road and do a lot of rolling miles. Keep it up and you be a cycling machine.
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Oct 5, 2015
United States
Hello all, I am Brad Allen and I am new here. I am here to get information regarding issues which i face and to help the community here in which I have experience to become successful member of this platform. Welcome me and lets build a long term relationship.


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May 26, 2015
My technique in developing stamina is the progressive style. On the first day that I ride, I would observe my strength so as not to force my muscles. Let's say I did 15 minutes. On the next ride, could be the next day or 2 days after, I would do 20 minutes and then increase to 25, etc. If I feel the number is big, I would tone down to 2 minutes progress for each ride. I usually do this when I return to biking from a long vacation. That would save my muscles from undue fatigue and also to prevent muscle pains.


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Jul 7, 2015
Fifteen or twenty minutes for me is like a warm up no offense. I am assuming you are in good shape and good health right? Make your efforts consistent until you build up that stamina and can go for more that is the only way I know to go. Play it by ear if your body is telling you to stop then listen. You can do it.


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Oct 9, 2015
If you are limited to a cycling machine then the best way that I have found to build stamina is just persistence and consistency.Every day that you cycle just tack on an extra minute every two sessions, you will feel like you aren't improving at first, but give it a few days and you will be impressing yourself with how good you are getting at cycling. After you can cycle for at least an hour each session it might be a good idea to try to increase the intensity of the sessions. Good luck with the training!


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Oct 10, 2015
Even If maybe on the road it can easier to get lost in the surroundings and forget about soreness and tiredness, machine is good too. You can work on a plan of intervals and build up as you go.


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Feb 3, 2008
If you're stuck on a bike machine or a bike on a trainer then warm up by riding progressively quicker for the first 10 minutes. Start easy and every few minutes go a little harder. Don't try to reach what many call the required 90 to 100rpm pedaling cadence - that will come with time as your fitness increases. When you start pedaling that quickly will more than likely get you out of breath too fast. 70 to 80 rpm when you start is more reasonable.

After the warm up find an effort you can keep going for 10 to 15 minutes. Err on the easy side and by half way you should not be having to fight for grim death to keep the effort going. You want it too feel fairly hard but not excessively so. The idea is to train yourself to get fitter by riding consistently and not having to deal with massively sore legs every day. If your days are planned out to where you do have a free day off the bike then by all means get to the half way point in the effort and then up the pace to where you're spent at the end.

Always use a big fan (heat makes the effort seem harder than it is, or than it should, and sweating doesn't provide any training benefit) and keep a big towel handy.