Newbie Intro Thread


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Jul 21, 2004
Im not sure who is a mod but sticky this......

This thread is just going to be a newbie thread, in other words, if you are planning to use this specific forum this applies to you.

Tell us about yourself! Your age, where you live, sponsored, goals, avg. times, etc....

So I will start.......

Name: Sam Kessler
Location Pittsburgh, PA
Race? Yes, but i have yet to race in USCF sactioned events
Goals? I got completly dedicated to cycling this past summer, my goal is to be able to compete in mens cat 4 by next summer
Daily Training: I ride atleast 20 miles 6 days a week. At our city Criterium track I average about 22mph. I recently did a 20 mile road race and averaged 21.8. Just depends on if it is hilly or what not.
Name: Steven Gould

Location: Northern Ontario, Canada

Age: 17

Racing: I live in the sticks, racing is my dream

Training: My training varies but stays in a repeated pattern, usually an 80-100km ride on the weekend, short training rides on the weekdays (due to school, until i buy a trainer).

Ultimate Goal: Race my bike for a living
Name: Andrew Mckernan

Nickname: Andrew, Andy, Andy Spandy, Bluey

Location: Victoria, Australia

Age: 14

Racing: None (just started)

Bike: Giant OCR 2

Training: weekends and sometimes on weekdays (after school)

Longest Ride: 38kms (last sunday)

Goal: Go Pro!

U guys got MSN messenger? [email protected]
Name: Brian Shank

Location: Cranberry Twp., PA, USA

Age: 15

Racing: None...hope to begin next year

Bike: MongoosePro

Training: Ride a minimum 5 times a week: 25mi on Weekends, 15mi on weekdays (limited by school)

Average Speed: 18.2mph over rolling to hilly terrain for an hour.

Goals: Start a cycling team at my school. Get recognized at national level by 20 and get on a Pro team.
Name: Bostjan Pecnik

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Age: 18

Racing: Its my first season, Im racing in our and neighbour countries (Italy, Austria, Croatia). I participated in 3 good international races in Italy..

Bike: Gitane with Ultegra (I got Pinarello Marvel in club but I broke it in one race hehe..)

Training: About 20-25 hours per week, 3-4 at least 125km (75 miles) trainings and recovery 40km (25 miles) trainings on other days. Its diferent from week to week..

Average Speed: Min. 25 km/h (15mph) with climbs

Goals: U-23 team!
Name: Scott Krankkala

Location: Hailey, Idaho (Sun Valley)

Age: 15

Racing: One so far Idaho State Road Race Championship 4th place

Bike: Trek 5200

Training: Most weekends sometimes after school

Longest Ride: 45 miles
Name: Robert Lahiff


Location: Northville MI USA

Racing: None

Training 40-45 miles every day off of school

Bike: Hand-me-down Novara REI road bike (thats all i know about it)

Average speed:19-21 mph

Longest ride: 67 miles (after 4 days of 50- 63 miles rides)
Yippie Kye Ay said:
Name: Scott Krankkala

Location: Hailey, Idaho (Sun Valley)

Age: 15

Racing: One so far Idaho State Road Race Championship 4th place

Bike: Trek 5200

Training: Most weekends sometimes after school

Longest Ride: 45 miles
Scott you are my hero! Its so cool that you are really into something and are good at. I can't wait to see how well you exel next year.
Name: Daragh O'Reilly

Location: Galway, West of Ireland

Age: 18

Previous experience: None in racing as just started this summer. Irish Champion in junior rowing 03,04.

Bike: Dawes Giro 300(basic i know!)

Training: 10 times a week. Rowing 8 times, Cycling 2 spins at weekend usually 60km each. (40km if rowing that morning) Avg speed: c.20mph

Longest ride: 90km

Weight and height: 5'9 and 66kgs

Goals: begin transition into cyclist and hopefully be competitive in races
Name: Roger Barrios

Location: Orlando, FL

Race: not yet, but looking soon.

Bike: 04'Fuji Finest-AL

Goals: To become an overall better cyclist

Daily Training: I ride about 19 miles a day, school or no school. I try to keep a steady schedrule.
ok i just got my first bike yesterday, so here are my stats as of today.

Name: Elliot Ross
Age: 17 (18 in less than a week)
Location: Little Rock, AR USA
Bike: Felt F80 '05
Races: None
Goals: Start racing in tri's next spring
Training: so far, 10 miles a day on bike
Avg speed: 16-17 mph
Name: Rayner (we'll stick with that!)
Age: 16 turning 17
Location: Tasmania (little island state on the bottom of Australia)
Bike: Old giant peloton 8400 for the road, custom made for track
Racing: since 2000, 18 time state medalist, around 15th nationally in my age group on the track but looking to improve.
Goals: Medals in scratch and kilo at nationals and youth olympics in 2005.
Training: anything from 250-600 a week, 5-10 sessions.
Avg speed: don't really look at it but I'd say around 30k an hour on longer rides sometimes less, generally more.
Longest ride: 180k
Height+Weight: around 177 ( 5'11?) and 70 kilo
Sponsors: Vittoria and High5

Think thats it. Good to finally see a section for us, hope to get to know you all a bit better.
Name: David
Age: 17 (18 in November)
Bike: Spec. allez elite 2003
City: Montreal, Canada
Racing: Just finished my 1st season. I absolutely love it and I'm already thinking about next spring.
Training: about 10-15hrs a week
Avg. spd: obviously depends. I guess around 30km/h for solo rides. If we want an idea though, how about something more constant (I have no ideas)
sponsors: a local bike shop, training centre and bank- all sponsors of my team, no personal sponsors.
Goals: Short term: to place consistently in top 10 next season in provincial races, and hopefully win at least one race
Long term: 1)to find a college where I can race on a scholarship (still don't know if that exists)
2) to race bikes for a living. (who doesn't want that?)
try looking at John Abbott College.

(i'm from montreal too! i now live in toronto :p )
*Alice said:
try looking at John Abbott College.

(i'm from montreal too! i now live in toronto :p )
Name: Kelsey
Age: 18
Bike: 2005 Specialized Allez Elite (got it 2 days ago)
City: near Tallahassee, FL.
Racing: I have done one mountain bike race as a beginner and I am hoping to start road racing in the spring. I'm also planning on doing a triathlon in March.
Training: 4-5 days a week from 15 to 35 miles so far, plus running 4 days a week and swimming one day
Avg. speed: 13 to 17 mph depending on the length of the ride and whether I'm riding alone or with someone
Goals: to do a century ride in the next year and to get serious about road racing
Age: 14

Training: 12-16 hours a week, with three or four hour rides on the weekends. Usually 200-240 miles.
Racing: About 11 or 12 times this year, I am a Cat 5 on the road but hoping to move up to high 4 or even three next year! (Need mass starts in cat 5)
Bike: EPX 303 for road, EPX Hammerhead for mountain
Sponsors: Thomson! THe only posts and stems!
Goals: Cat 3 by end of next year, top three at stae championship, turn pro eventually.
Name: Matt McKarney
Age: 15 (soon 16)
Location: Tampa area of Florida
Weight: 190 Height: 6'5''
Bike: Soon a 05' Trek 1000
Sponsors: Obviously none yet
Race: Within the coming year
Goals: To be among the best
Training: Starting with 10-20 miles a day
Avg. Speed: 16-17mph