newbie..need Fork advice


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Apr 30, 2006
Hey Board,

I just joined and I'm a newbie. I would like to get back into mountain biking for the health and enjoyment of the sport.(I've been out for about 4 yrs.) I need to upgrade my bike. I've got a TREK 4500 (got it back in '01) I really like it, but I need to put a better fork on it to handle a 255lb guy abusing it. I need some recommendations on a fork that will hold up to the abuse. I like trail riding in the state parks. Also, my braking system is the linear-pull brakes. Do they still make suspension forks that work with these types of brakes? I need to stay somewhere under $400-500 if I can for the new Fork or a Fork and Disc Brake set-up. Thanks for the advice in advance.

Hi, I think there is a mountainbile (mtb) specific area of this forum where you might have better luck. but for what its worth I'm also looking to get some new sus forks, and am planning on getting rockshox SID's of some variety, (cheap, secondhand if I can) and I've they're a pretty good lightweight fork. However I've also heard they don't do very well and bottom out sometimes with heavier riders. (I'm also pretty heavy, but I don't do any XC or DH, I just ride in cities over potholes and kerbs). so II'd check the mtb section if I were you. all the best and good luck.
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