Newbie Powertraining Questions: Cycling Peaks vs New Power agent

Rob Havemeyer

New Member
Sep 12, 2007
To all:
I'm new to power training with a recently purchased Powertap. Only 2 rides.
I'm 39 and this summer was my first season racing. Ended the season pretty well with a number of top 5 places as well as my first win last month.

My biggest questions are:
  1. Has anyone usd the new power agent software and compared it to cycling peaks? +/- 's
  2. Where can you find more complete information on using all of the functions of cycling peaks (ie set up work out comparisions etc.) without attending a seminar ?
  3. In your opinions what is the best guidelines or information to effectively set up my winter/spring training program. I don't mind working the training program details out myself but after I perform my critical power tests. 20min LT test plus establish CP.2 CP1, CP6, CP12 etc. What then ? It seems that between Joe F. and others much of the training program needs to be based on current fitness level/expected type of A events (road races,crits,TT's) and time to those A events and of course areas of weaknesses. I'm just at a loss for how to approach winter/spring training based on what seems like alot of general guidlines out there. Who has experienced a similar situation and how did you manage to develop your program? What things should I avoid and what advice do you have?
I'm sure there is a fairly big learning curve to really understand whats going on week after week. But I'm just at a loss as to the interpretation of the data (TSS,CTL,ATL) and how to best utilize that infomation to improve my fitness level and performances in races.

Thanks in advance
As far as the Poweragent software goes, if your a mac user, it sucks. It crashes often and is difficult to use; this coming from a man who does user interface design for a living.

If I were you, I would suggest going with the cycling peaks software.

There is a book called "Training and Racing with a Power Meter" or something of that sort. Very good info. Doesn't really assume much about your current fitness.