newbie question about power vs position


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Jul 11, 2007
i've got a road bike with a basic tri bar fitted, my main aim is to improve at my duathlon race times.
admittedly I’ve only done one race so far but have a second one coming up next week.

The course is totally flat, I want to know if i would get more speed /efficency by standing up out of the saddle and push higher gears as long as possible resting for a second till the acid goes down and then going again repeatedly? OR is it better to sit in the seat in a low position and push a lower gear faster at a higher rpm?

My theory is I must get more power standing up but its harder to hold it for long periods of time before the acid builds up and its obivously much less aerodynamic

Tucking down on to the drops or tri bar is more aerodynamic but I get less power on the pedals but can possibily hold it at a constant speed for longer.

what do you think I should stick with and practice in training?

Thanks for the advice

mogse said:
... what do you think I should stick with and practice in training?
Stay seated and in your aero bars as much as possible on a flat course. First the increase in aerodynamics far outweighs any extra power you might be able to generate while standing and secondly the lower perceived exertion while standing doesn't last. You bring more muscle groups into play while standing and at first that makes it feel easier for higher power but you have to fuel all those extra muscles with glycogen and oxygen and in the end you don't come out ahead. You'll also do better on a flat course to keep your speed and power output relatively steady don't try a set of accelerations followed by easier periods, that's a bad strategy. There are times on really windy courses or hilly courses where the power should be applied differently, but it's still best to hold it in a fairly narrow range. There's a reason folks stay seated and in their aero bars for long time trials and triathalons. Train this way, get a bike fit if you haven't already and it will get easier to hold your best power seated.

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