newbie saying hi; any spinners on here?


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Jul 25, 2006
Hello, I live in So Cal, just got myself a spin bike & am using DVDs from to workout with it. Wanted to say hi & find out if there are any other spinners on this forum?
Hi Fishchick - welcome. I don't know a lot about spinning - I'll have a look at the site you mentioned.
I'm pretty much a newbie here as well. But I do love spin. We have it available at 6:am, it goes for an hour and the instructors kick my rear into shape pretty quickly over the winter months. There is this one particular instructor who checks your wheel for heat; mine is always hot. :)
hi, been spinnig for 5 weeks now and still loving it, amazing how many people wont give it a go because they think it is boring, their loss
I am glad to see there are some spinners on here, I searched for a spinning forum but couldn't find one. There are also DVDs at, but I haven't tried them, but I am really enjoying the ones I got from, you can also get them for less on ebay from seller "indoorcycling".