Newbie searching for first decent bike for commute - hybrid, road or cyclocross.


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Oct 13, 2010
Commute is around 10km one way. Mon - Fri.
Riding on smooth road and sometimes pavement
Do not plan to do off-road stuff.
Will aim to travel light i.e. backpack with laptop but having option for better on bike storage a plus.
Speed would be nice and something for training.

So first question what type of bike would be good for this?
At first I thought a road bike for the speed and maybe weight but a bit worried about lack of storage options for those odd times.
Then a hybrid looked like a good idea but there are so many and all so different.
Finally ive just heard about cyclocross bikes. I dont know how they differ can anyone shine any light on these.

Budget wise prefer to spend $500 but can goup to $700 if the test ride is awesome.

For now i guess i just need to know what type is the most suitable for my needs.

Can anyone help?
Cyclocross bikes will look like drop bar road bikes, except they will take wider tires (think 700 x 38 compared to 700 x 23). They have cantilever brakes, and a higher bottom bracket (I can flip the toe clip side of my pedals down and not have the toe clips hit the ground as I ride). The ones I have looked at, as well as the one I bought, can accept both a rear rack and fenders, which makes them nice as a commuter bike. That's at least my take on it.
for extra storage you need to install a rack to carry on panniers, independent of your bike choice,
however the special eyelets you need for racks do not come on every bike,
check it out before you buy,