Newbie Trainer Help: Need recommendation for a bike trainer


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May 27, 2006

Ive been cycling for quite a while now, but I'm planning to get my first indoor trainer.

I'm not too keen on the rollers cuz I'll like something I could just close my eyes and pump away in the comfort of my living room.

In terms of budget, I'm willing to spend up to US$200...but I might be willing to stretch the budget to take into consideration durability/quality etc.

Any suggestions in terms of brands, models etc?

I don't need anything fancy - just a simple trainer that wouldn't give too much problems, easy to use, stable etc.

I'll probably be using the trainer quite often; probably on a daily basis with moderate intensity to loosen the muscles when I get home...

I'm planning to order online & have it shipped to Perth Australia...also, if any of you here in Perth know of good deals on trainers around town, give a little shout out thanks.

Minoura to Cycle Ops to Travel Trac. There is also Kurt Kinetic that you will hear about. There are really too many to name, but your max price will trim it down pretty much to Minoura or a cheap Cycle Ops. You will hear all about different types of resistance, fans which are ancient technology, mag resistance units which are just starting to become outdated, and fluid resistance units which seem to be the biggest thing out there right now. Unfortunately you will be paying more than your target price for any fluid resistance unit except for the lower quality manufacturers like Minoura.

It has been a long time since I went shopping for any trainer and I am sold on rollers, but you don't want to close your eyes when you are using them!
It's a bit outside your price range, but I highly recommend the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine - it's a fluid trainer also mentioned by the previous poster.

You might want to do a search on this. It has excellent reviews, and it's very quiet and robust. The thing I like most about this is that it doesn't have an adjustable resistance - it just gets harder the faster you go.