I took my mountain bike on it's first ofroad experience yesterday. 3 of us first timers joined 2 seasonal riders on a little course. WOW !! Scared the ..... out of me at first with the steep drops and bushes smaking me but it was great fun when I relaxed a little.

I now realise why MTB have shuch high gearing. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be doing alot more of it.

But never fear, I'll always be a roadie, mountain biking will just be another form of recreation.
thats what i thought when i got my road bike, but now i only mtb ocassionaly. mtbing is great fun and a bit more adventurus though ;D
MTBing is great fun. I ride about 50/50 road and MTB. I'm fortunate I've got a road and MTB (Trek Y frame DS, much upgraded). So I tend to class my training by time in the saddle rather than distance. I reckon MTBing is similar to interval training on the road. Certainly pushes your HR up and down! :eek: Of course too many involuntary dismounts is not good for your time on the road! ::)
I'm also new at the MTB scene. Does anyone know of any trails in and around the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. I need to get a little more offroad experence

I'm also new at the MTB scene. Does anyone know of any trails in and around the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. I need to get a little more offroad experence

From what I experienced on the weekend, unless you know the spot, or know someone that knows the spot, or knows someone that knows somone that knows the spot (sorry :D ) it's difficult to find.

the spot we went to looked like thick bush from the outside with no chance of even a path through it, yet once in there was plenty place to ride. Apparantly this place was being cleared up by the local bike shop, so ask around at the bike shops, there is perhaps some little park somewhere that you can go to.
MTBing is great for honing your riding skills and reflexes. I used to ride at the Honeydew Cement Quarry home of the Rockhoppers MTB Club; they have excellent XC trails and even a downhill and dual-slalom course.
Hi Ouzo

I have also just got more serious with the MTB and got myself a new bike. Trek 4900. feels great, even though I endode on my first ride!
I have great trails on my doorstep in Midrand(Glen Austin and beyond) you can go for days and not do the same route twice! Let me know and I can explain to you or even show you.
The other option is to check out the JHB mountain bike club (JMBC) who do organised rides all over JHB.
Once you know where the good rides are there is no stopping you !!
Someone mentioned cycling along the banks of the Jukskei river near Fourways a while ago - not sure exactly where. Would like to know though since I stay in the area.

Appartly there are some trails around Kyalami. Does anyone know about them and where some of them start?

My only concern around some of these areas is safety...

If you go into the Kyalami grounds. Follow the tared road till you get to the tunnel. Turn left just before the tunnel. You go through an opening in the fence and see the paintball area to your left. Take the road left. On you left hand side you'll see a wooden bridge. thats the course. It's not huge, but should be fun. We've done it in a 4*4 last week and I was supposed to do it on the MTB on Friday but the plans fell through.
Thanks Ouzo, I'll check it out this afternoon before doing some laps around the track. It's about time to wipe the dust of the mountain bike and to take it to the "bush". Used it on the road until I got a road bike in Jan. - it has never been offroad before :)
Boys, biys, boys. I know of two decent routes, no make it three, no make that four decent MTB rides in the Sunninghill, 4-ways, Midrand areas. Distances range from 20 odd KM to 50km with variations on some of them to make them a little longer. My first choice is Helderfontein Estate which is a 20km lap, the second is a 30km loop through 4-ways and back through Helderfontein. The third is a 50km ride from Paulshof through to Midrand and back and the last one is a short journey in and around Fibber McGhee in Midrand.

Perhaps we can do a ride together sometime.
The 20km Helderfontein Estate route sound like THE route for a first attempt at the "bush". Labrat, I'll be cool if we can try it out some time. What about next weekend? Anybody else interested?
Next weekend should be fine. Perhaps we'll get some other fellas together. Mampara's lady friend is he ever finds her is also welcome as are all the other ladies. ;D

Shall we make firm arrangements next week.
Sure V02. Firm arrangements next week sounds good. Lab_Rat, since you know the route, could you perhaps suggest a place and time to meet - I'll check this thread around wednesday/thursday next week for your suggestion.

Looking fw to this ;D
Why do I get the idea I'm not the only one who struggle to stay "productive" on this Friday afternoon;D
The only reason I'm not riding my bikes instead is because I'm doing some races this weekend and I need my rest. ;D ;D