News article: More people making money through the stock market

More people making money through the stock market

By Michael Smith

NEW YORK (AP) - Stock market trading, once previously a risky and
expensive venture, is now extremely cost-effective, and now anyone can
afford to do it.

People previously unable to afford investing in the stock market have
now taken the market by storm. "It was so easy, and it was way cheaper
than I thought it was going to be," said Nancy Jones. "I started just
last week, and now I earn more money through investing than I do at my
regular job."
People from all over are now using
to set up their own accounts and start making money in the stock

"I never thought I would make money like this!" says Julia Lee, who
recently started up her own website. "It was very easy, I can't
believe I hadn't discovered this before" she said.

Scott King, of the Institute for Alternative Income said this opens up
a whole new world to private citizens. "Previously, you never had the
ability to make this kind of money."

"Now, anyone has the ability to make money on the stock market. I
think you will see more and more people using the stock market as
their primary income source."

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