News Shorts: Jalabert Linked With Dr Ferrari Once More


Jan 3, 2005
Jalabert named as client of Ferrari
Former Tour de France points and mountains classification winner, Laurent Jalabert has been linked to the banned doctor Michele Ferrari in an interview with Jacques Mombet. During an interview with the journalist Pierre Ballester, the former French rugby doctor once went to Dr. Ferrari in search of advice and in discussing his reasons he named Jalabert as one of his clients, according to a transcript published in Le Monde.
He initially says: “they have taken their cue from what they did in cycling, and especially with a French cyclist of the time,” before going on to name the former rider specifically.

He added: “It is from this collaboration they left us the details of their protocol and how they arrived by private plane on training sites with their products, how they went through cure periods, take it for ten days, stop for fifteen days, repeat the cycle to repeat three times in total. They talked about everything: growth factors, testosterone, EPO…”
Jalabert has previously been linked with Ferrari during the French Senate hearing into retrospective analysis conducted on sampled given during the 1998 Tour de France, where he was found to have taken EPO. Jalabert denied any relationship with Ferrari, jokingly saying that the team’s doctor was called Doctor Citroën.

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