Newsgroup/mailing list for cycling in Scotland set up

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David Marsh

Scot-Cycling is a mailing list for discussing cycling in Scotland, UK. This list is intended mainly
for discussions of leisure cycling, both onroad/touring and offroad/mountain biking.

Visitors seeking information to help plan cycling holidays are particularly welcome.

Please note that this list is not intended for discussion of competitive/sporting cycling.

For discussions on cycle campaigning issues, please see the list of mailing lists at:

This list is also available as a netnews newsgroup (and archived) at as
gmane.culture.bicycle.scottish so that you can access the group via news, rather than email, if
you prefer.

Common netnews practice is to use an alternative email address when posting, in order to protect
your main email address(es) from spam or other misuse.

NB: If you wish to post to the list via gmane, you must first subscribe to the list in no-mail mode.

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