Newspaper Celebrates Davis to Folsom Ride

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  1. Suzzanne Hurt, the mountain bike riding reporter who joined us last June
    14 on our ride from Davis to Folsom, is just now finally seeing the
    fruits of her labor in print. Well researched and very well written, she
    did a great job of touching on a representative portion of the many many
    elements involved. In her piece she wove the human interest aspect of
    all of what took place on that day throughout her discussion of our
    National Bicycle Greenway effort as she also tied that into how the
    local communities up her way fit into the bigger picture of our grand

    Not only is there a great picture of Jacques Graber, but we she also
    helps us peek into the lion sized heart of our TransAm unicyclist,
    Patrick Thomas, who is now bearing down on Salt Lake City: