Niacin, Raynauld's, Erectile, etc...

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    Ok, I have histroic and familiar high cholesterol, high ldls, high trigs. I went on Lipiotr fro
    about 6 months and it dropped everything down. Started experiencing Erectile dysfunction (also had a
    vasectomy six months prior with infection complication). Stopped the lipitor -

    on Pravachor (for about 3-6 months now) and 81 mg of aspirin. Just recently determined that I have
    Raynauld's Syndrom (looks like secondary but not sure). Went to doc again and he said to try Niacin
    as it is a vasodilator (sp?) and would help Rayauld syptoms. He said take it at bed with aspirin
    (which apparently conteract vasodialations??). I suspect Niacin may also help ED problem since it is
    a vasodilator. ANy comments, expereince, suggestions? I have had a ultrasound test on my carotid
    artery - came back as normal. No other symptoms that I can think of. Doctor said he will check ANA
    (?) in blood work. What is that and what does it tell you?



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    you probably have dysfunctional endothelium; you can learn more about it at our website, and it is
    possible to improve endothelial dysfunction with proper therapy, both nutritional and prescription.
    Did you know that the endothelium is the largest organ in your body? If you weigh all the
    endothelium that lines your arteries, it will weigh more than your liver!

    specifically, search for "Nitric Oxide and vascular health, The science of this important compound"
    in our forums.

    What type of 'ultrasound test' on your carotid artery did you have? Did the technician measure the
    carotid intima media thickness to 0.01mm at more than 100 different sites, 4 locations and on both
    sides with high resolution digital ultrasound (like we do all the time)?

    You would also be a candidate for a flow mediated endothelial dilation study; a special functional
    study of the endothelium.

    ED, Raynaud's and atherosclerosis all have a common origin; endothelial dysfunction.

    Winning against heart attack and stroke