Nice job by USAC


Bill C

I give them a ton of ****, but here's something really cool. Big pat
on the back to them.

First-ever collegiate all star women's team for Nature Valley GP


"Each rider will be allowed to race in her own collegiate club jersey
presenting a unique opportunity for college and university clubs to
gain remarkable exposure," said Daniel Matheny, USA Cycling's National
Collegiate Manager. "It will also be a tremendous opportunity for
talented collegiate riders to gain experience and respect on a
national level and for fans to line the streets and cheer on their
alma maters."

The selection honors for the NRC stage race come with a free entry,
host housing, a team manager, an operating budget, clothing, and a
travel stipend.

Hat's off to Ryan Companies too for putting up the sponsorship.
Here's a link to say "Good Job! Thanks."
Bill C