Night Riding



Well today im goin on the audax midnight century which starts at ummm midnight ;D. any of you blokes ride at night?
also imperial century (160k). Its pritty cool ;D
well i had a average speed of 27.7k . i actually lost my legs a bit and then my light died too :( so i sort of found my way for an 1r in the dark :eek:. i got lost to and ended up doing 176k ahh well it was good practice.
well becase its different and fun and mabe these things too

*mostly good temp at night
*barely any cars
Ride at night to work daily.....had my light *(front - the back has its own batteries) had gone dim......had to ride the grass due to not being able to see the road lines.....(there are no lights on this part of the road)....

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