Nishiki Pueblo - used

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    Feb 10, 2015
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    This is my 1st post and I just got on your sight and it has some great information. I am in Long Beach CA for a month and bought a used bike to get around. It is a Nishiki
    Pueblo with 430 on the frame. It has Suntour brakes and gears, Sugino crank with 26" x 1.5" rims. Everything seems to work and it only cost me $25. Does anyone know how old it is and what it is worth? Also it looks like a mountain bike but the tires are only 1.5". Would this be call a Hybrid? I like it and will probably take it home when I leave. I just use it to try and keep in shape but would like to get into some group rides, not mountain biking, I guess you
    would call it recreational, any information would helpful.