No Drugs in Tour?! Really?...

McQuaid: No doping positives at '09 Tour - VeloNews

Gotta like how he says, "It's looking like the TdF will not have any positive tests for a number of years". LOL! That positively cracks me up...Lends me to believe that now the ASO is on the whole charade as well...

They must be thinking that now that we've got Lance (the man with the Midas touch) back involved we gotta keep up clean appearances to keep the money flowin' in - everybody can get rich now...yipppeeeee...LOL! Hilarious!
With more riders clean the temptation for the others is even greater. No matter what someone in the tour will be "on"
This would be a great time for some ex-pros such as Ullrich to release that book.
On an entirely unrelated note, I had this song in my head recently: [ame=""]YouTube - The Fix - Elbow[/ame]
With the medicines discovered, blood tranfusion or/and hemo-dilution occured on TDF, to do that riders needed assistance, so that kind of doping is much worse than a Moreni's case.

McQuaid knows it but prefered to lie about it as usual.
i like that the uci did such a bang up job this year that afld have decided to sever the relationship for the next edition. chapeau anne, pat and all the others who helped make it clean this year!
With all the innunendo and conjecture swirling, I kinda feel like I'm on my way to witness someone's execution - don't really want to go, but the morbid sense of curiosity is too strong.

I truly feel that soon some big name(s) is/are going down in flames...With the AFLD apparently not playing buddy-buddy with the UCI, these big names should be can only hope...

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