No hunger, quick weight loss, massive improvement in speed.. any cause for concern?


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Aug 6, 2010
Hi all,

Just wanted to get a quick check on something. I'm training like a beast at the moment, focusing on hill efforts (lots of repeats) and short time trailing distances (between 6 and 20 miles) at 155bpm+ to get my capacity up.

Training most days with occasional rest days (2 a week usually), and getting faster quickly (very rare I don't take time from PBs, even if a few seconds).

My diet is super clean, fruit, veg, nuts, proper cuts of meat, eggs, some wholegrains.

The thing is I'm just not hungry. I'm taking in around 1800cals per day which is of course below even resting requirement. Most of these are before/after ride. I'm not taking anything in during rides as they are usually < 1 hr all out efforts.

I've been losing weight, around 1.5 - 2kg a month. I'm happy with this and it is one of my goals to lean up, the lack of hunger is making it very easy.

Is it OK that I'm not feeling the hunger despite the big efforts on the bike?

For eg yesterday I did 5 hill repeats (1.5km hill at 10% average gradient). Garmin estimated I took 2000 calories. I ate 1900 in the whole day. Today (rest day), I'm still not hungry. Awake 6 hours and have only taken in around 200 cals.

What's going on here? Any cause for concern ?

Recovery and performance are fine, best I've ever had, so I'm not overly concerned, just find this perplexing!

Male, 68kg