No need for antiv=biotics for bladder infections and UTIs

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  1. Please consider this. I really do hope we can help. Read some problems about UTIs in this group.

    Before antibiotics, try using Waterfall D-Mannose to clear up and prevent bladder infections and
    cystitis, because a lot of men and women, dogs an cats, are still unnecessarily suffering from the
    effects of antibiotics, and their sometimes deadly side-effects, particularly with broad-spectrum
    antibiotics. Waterfall D-mannose is safe for all adults and children - even newlyborn babies, and
    all pets. It also doesn't affect any existing medications.

    It's pleasant to take too...

    We have proven the preventative and curative effects of Waterfall D-mannose on bacterial cystitis
    and UTIs, and are currently researching its use in interstitial cystitis. We've had some very
    positive feedback, and no negative feedback!

    Please pass the word about Waterfall D-Mannose. It really does what it says it will do on the box!
    Mention us in Health Boards, websites, newsgroups, articles, ezines etc. You are welcome to quote
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    Kindest regards,

    Anna Sawkins

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