No snow in Coconut Grove, lucky us.

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    Last Saturday, just thought to turn on the camera and coast by City Hall.
    I met cyclists. I wonder how many of them will stick with their new hobby?
    The video is remarkable (sorry for the poor focus) in that it was absolutely unplanned.
    I simply got the urge to shoot some footage. I had no idea about any bicyclist activities nearby.
    That building in the background is our Miami City Hall, since 1954. The structure was the original
    home for Pan American Airways. Seaplane service was provided from this terminal.

    Oh, and this AM as I rolled the Trek out for my little daily ride to the store,
    I looked at the CatEye cyclometer. I didn't plan it, but it was precisely on,
    What are the chances of "catching" a round number like that?
    I rarely look at the total miles. That's what I've cruised in the past 12 months,
    after years of not riding hardly at all. The bike has helped me to regain health.

    It's funny, how these things always happen by chance.
    I heard the voice behind me "hello? hello?", and thought a passing cyclist was addressing me.
    It was the lady, talking on her cell phone, telling the cycling class up ahead they were "here",
    and I had no idea I was about to approach a bicycle class.

    Mary Beth seemed a bit paranoid. Guy with a camera.
    Oh well, it's a slice of life.

    The next day after that video went up, a YouTuber wrote to me and said,
    "Reid, we worry about you riding without a helmet, with one hand on the handlebar,
    carrying that camera. You could crash."

    Well, there's a great difference in stability when you are sitting full upright
    on a bike that has no handlebar controls, and a coaster brake,
    and you've been riding for fifty two years and are not dead yet.

    I would like to think for a while about what I've just presented, and then come back
    and make an editorial opinion. I hope others will chime in.

    Look, please, at the assortment of middle aged folks learning how to group ride?
    They are mostly beginners, full of excitement, surely. Will they maintain their enthusiasm?
    Some will, I suppose. And what about the psychology so prevalent, the... have to wear a helmet. You have to group-ride for safety.
    Group rides are great for many reasons, though I expect there are occasional crashes.
    Listen to Mary Beth? Anyone who gets people on bikes is doing well by us all.
    But it's a "process" and not a means for transportation.

    Older folks, are they really comfortable in road bike crouch?
    Would any of them go out riding solo, daily, for the exercise?
    Or to run an errand? Or make a video? : )

    We have one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I am going to tell people about it.

    Geelong should be promoted as well. I'd like to visit someday. There are so many people to thank.