No Weld Trailer?? & Re: A Childs No Weld Recumbent from the Netherlands

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Hi David!!

THX for this great newz!! I am glad I can do my small part to add to the joy that is our forgotten
inheritance by getting your important service known about.

And while I'm here, have U ever given any thought to creating a Now Weld trailer to go along with
your No Weld Bents ??

THX 4 U!!

At 3:53 AM -0500 1/31/03, [email protected] wrote: Martin, First I want to commend you on your web
site! It keeps getting better & better! Your really making a difference in the cycling community.
Stef from the Netherlands saw my design then went about building two beautiful bikes for his two
daughters in the Netherlands. They are featured in the: <>Kid
Sized Recumbents , and <>BikeRod & Kustom STEF
PLUIJM - NETHERLANDS.  Some folks in Tokyo are building NWR to ride! Keep up the great work, you are
an inspiration to me and many others!!  All the best, David " No Weld Recumbents"

M A R T I N K R I E G : "Awake Again" Author Bent Since '83, Car Free Since '89, Attacking with
Love                 Coma, Paralysis, Clinical Death Survivor  '79 & '86 TransAm Vet - Invites
you to: N A T I O N A L B I C Y C L E G R E E N W A Y
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