Noisy chain, please help


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Mar 11, 2016
Hey guys,

I brought my first bike in 12 years just over a month ago and all was going swimmingly. It's a Claud Butler hybrid and was just perfect for what I needed it for. Then I took it in for the routine service at the one month mark, and since then it just hasn't felt the same.

Since the service it feels like I'm peddling through mud, my poor thighs don't know what's hit them. The is this truly awful noise coming from the chain area, almost a rattling/purring noise when I peddle. I don't want to keep on taking it to the shop as I want to learn about maintaining it myself.

I've recorded some footage of the noise, any help would be much appreciated.
You just bought the bike a month ago and just had it serviced, TAKE IT BACK! They screwed up, it's not about you wanting to learn how to work on it yourself, it's about them screwing it up so let them make it right. If you try to work on it yourself they'll blame you for the problem if you can't fix it then take it in.
I spent seven years as a service manager in a bicycle shop and I have to agree with Froze. t was working fine until the first service that you took it in for in order to maintain the warranty. Now it is not working. Something was adjusted improperly. They need to correct it as a warranty service.