Non RFC compliant usenet messages

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    Sep 8, 2005
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    There are two threads in recent times on aus.bicycle that originated via cyclingforums posters, which are causing problems with my newserver (the threads simply disappear), because they contain high bits in the headers:–-hard-day-at-the-office-28th-jan-06.html mirrored to eg.
    mirrored to eg.

    Specifically, the dash in the subject line has been translated to an emdash that doesn't exist in the ASCII character set. Presumably cyclingforums has taken the dash typed in by the user, and translated into something that may be suitable for windows, but is most certainly not suitable for the wider usenet community.

    Since there is a perfectly acceptable dash in the ASCII character set, do you mind making sure this and similar translations are not performed when mirroring to usenet? For the headers only -- no need to worry about body text, since the usenet protocols are far less strict about what can go in the body (but still doesn't guarantee that characters with high bits set are still going to make it through unmolested).