Norcal coast to Eastern Sierras

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    I'm starting a round-country bike trip in August, and want to take the 395 down California. I'm leaving from Arcata, CA (Humboldt County) and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for the best route to the eastern Sierras. I'm trying to stay away from the 299 from Arcata to Redding, as it's hot as hell with not much of a shoulder. Any suggestions?

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    Is there another way out of Arcata? You might be able to cut over to Redding and then drop down past Chico towards Oroville and hit highway 70 and go through Tobin, Paxton and Iron Horse and across to 395 that way.

    I know the first part of 70 is wide with a big shoulder but further up it does get a narrower. I'm going up there during the week early hours of Saturday morning in a 600km Brevet - like 1am early... If you see my posting next week then the road isn't that bad :p

    ... or you could always just head south towards the north part of the Napa valley the cut across past Davis and Sacramento and head up 88 (Carson Pass). Highway 4 is another option (Ebbetts pass and the sneaky Pacific Grade just before it - although it must be said that from that side the Pacific Grade is nowhere near as hard) or Sonora or Tioga passes just to the south. 88 is by far the easiest - highway 4 has shoulder most of the way and climbs nicely through forests for miles and only gets hard towards the top after Bear Valley.

    Google maps is your friend and the lil' yellow guy (street view) is ace.

    Everywhere that touches the Sacramento Valley in August will be 100+ during the afternoon - that's a given. Towards the end of August and into Sept most of the eastern Sierra will be getting up there too. Early morning starts, long lunches and evening riding will probably be the order of the day ;)