North carolina good for beginner?


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Jan 30, 2016
I live in Florida, been commuting around allot on cycle for about 7 months. I've decided I like the lifestyle for sure, enough to move somewhere with climbs, just have no idea where.

Any suggestions would be great, I'm willing to move anywhere as long as I'm confident it can be done.
I've been considering somewhere in NC but I really have no idea what its like in person, hopping you guys could share what exactly life is like in some detail; where ever you're at.

Try the Blue Ridge Parkway. There are no climbs steeper than an 8% grade, but then if you get off the parkway and come back up, that's where you find the really steep stuff. You might want to think of some places in NC like Asheville, Boone, or Lenoir. I have visited these areas in order to complete two famous rides, the Assault on Mt. Mitchell and the Bridge to Bridge ride up Grandfather Mountain in NC.

The western part of NC is mountainous. The eastern side is mostly flat land and is near the coast.