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Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by David W.E. Roberts, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    I currently have a MK 1 RedPoint jacket from TNF - the version before they
    used PrimaLoft as insulation.

    I am looking for a MK 2 jacket because the Mk 1 is so good.

    However, despite rave reviews in outdoor magazines, I can't seem to find one
    in any of the local TNF stockists such as Outdoors, Millets, Blacks.

    Does anyone know of a shop in East Anglia which stocks them?

    Failing that, anywhere in the UK?

    I can find the jackets for sale on the Internet, but I would really like to
    try one for size before I buy.

    The North Face don't seem to have an email query address, you have to write
    or phone Italy!


    Dave R


  2. Arnaud

    Arnaud Guest

    Ellis Brigham in Manchester have them. They have a webpage and do mail

    As far as synthetic filled insulating jackets are concerned you could
    also check out the Rab range (Photon is supposed to be good and light
    but not very thick) Montane and also my latest discovery and
    acquisition Golite (I bought a belay Jacket at half price from which is light, warm and compacts to quite a small
    size for a synthetic.