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    The 22nd annual SBL (Southern Bicycling League) North Florida Tour is being held in Live Oak,
    Florida on the weekend of October 31 - November 2.

    Come on down! Ride and party with us!

    Plan to arrive either Thursday or Friday evening. There will be a number of organized rides on
    Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There are road rides, ATB rides, and (weather permitting)
    opportunities to take a dip in one of the area's 71 degree natural springs. There are some area
    canoe outposts if you want to just take a paddle down the Suwannee river...

    Folks bring all sorts of equipment on this ride. There will be road bikes, mountain bikes,
    recumbants, and tandems. If you ride a tandem, this is your type of terrain !!!!

    Meals on Friday are on your own, but the tour price includes all meals on Saturday (B'fast, Lunch,
    Post-ride seafood social, Dinner) plus Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday.

    There is usually some type of social event planned for Friday, and there is a DJ and dancing on
    Saturday. Saturday evening there will be beer and wine available, but the rest of the weekend is
    BYOB. This is a very mixed crowd, with riders from 16 to 60.

    Lodging in camp cabins, tent camping, and limited hotel space is available. It is best to call
    Margaret and inquire about hotel space before sending in your application.

    More information is available from Margaret Joffre at:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.